Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's



Q1. From which countries do the authorities approve for the hiring of domestic helpers / workers?
      - The countries approved by the authorities are Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India (Upon Request).

Q2. What are the advantages of hiring the services of a licensed employment agency to hire a domestic helpers / workers?
      a. Agencies are governed by the Malaysian Immigration and relevant country's Embassy regulations.
      b. Agencies go through the process of vetting the domestic helpers / workers.
      c. Agencies provide training & counselling to the domestic helpers / workers.
      d. Agencies provide follow ups / after sales service to the domestic helpers / workers.

Q3. What is the salary I need to pay the domestic helpers / workers?
      - Monthly salary is fixed and suggested depending on the domestic helper's / worker's experiences, please consult the agency for explanation.

Q4. Can I deduct the levy paid to the Immigration from the domestic helper's / worker's salary?
      - Most agencies and employers does not practice this process.

Q5. Do I need an insurance coverage for my domestic helpers / workers?
      - Yes, very much recommended for the safety of the domestic helper / worker and their employer.

Q6. What are my obligations as an employer?
      a. To ensure the legal status of your maid as long as she is in Malaysia.
      b. To be responsible for her upkeep, medical maintenance and welfare.
      c. To organise medical check-up for permit renewal for the following year.
      d. To bear the cost of repatriation upon completion of employment contract.

Q7. As an employer, am I allowed to keep the domestic helpers / workers passport?
      - Yes you can, but only for safe keeping with the written consent from the domestic helper / worker.

Q8. Should there be a dispute between the employer and the domestic helper / worker, whom do we turn to?
      - As an employer, it is advisable to try to resolve any dispute yourselves failing which the assistance of the Agency could be obtained.

Q9. Is medical examination important when the domestic helpers / workers arrives in Malaysia?
      - Yes, this is to avoid complications and safeguard against preferred tests by FOMEMA to an appointed clinics / hospitals.

Q10. What do I do for the 2nd year renewal?
      - As an employer, you will have to pay for medical charges and Immigration department charges for work permit renewals.

Q11. How much earlier must I prepare for renewal of work permit for the 2nd year?
      - It is advisable to do it 2 months before expiry date of the work permit.

Q12. What happens should our domestic helper / worker fails the medical test?
      a. Upon arrival - We will replace a new maid with no additional costs (within one month).
      b. When renewing for 2nd year, employer have to send the worker to home country and apply for a new worker.

Q13. Do I need a trained and orientated domestic helper / worker?
      - Yes, to make matters easier when you hand over your daily chores.

Q14. Do you do random checks on the domestic helper / worker performance?
      - Yes, we do randomly check with the employer on the domestic helper's / worker's performance.

      - We also do check on employers to avoid infringement of the employment contract on mistreatment of maid on humanitarian grounds.

Q15. Should the domestic helper / worker wish to extend her contract beyond 2 years, must I give him / her a raise?
      - A reasonable raise from the employer as a token of appreciation.

Q16. Who pays for the fare "one way from Kuala Lumpur to country of origin" upon completion of domestic helper's contract?
      - The employer must provide airfare / ferry fare "one way from Kuala Lumpur to country of origin" upon completion of their contract.

Q17. Can I place my domestic helper in employment at any other place, or to help out in the shop or market place?
      - No, under Immigration department rule, a domestic helper is meant for residence employment only and as stipulated in the work permit.

Q18. What if my maid gets married or pregnant?
      - Under the employment contract and Immigration Act, a domestic helper / worker isn't allowed to marry or get pregnant.

      - Then any violation justifies for cancellation of work permit and deportation.

Q18. Duties and responsibilities of employer?

      a. We are a licensed Agent Jabatan Tenaga Rakyat (JTR 1399 - Malacca Branch / JTR 1812 - Bukit Jelutong Branch / JTR2691 - Putra Heights)
      b. We have an experienced workforce that has been in manpower management over the years.
      c. We are receptive to our Clients' needs.
      d. We will take every effort to place a maid according to the Employer's requirements
      e. We train our maids in Indonesia and conduct orientation in Malaysia before handing over to the employers.
      f. We do random checks on the maids performance with the Employer.
      g. Our placement charges are affordable and quality oriented with customer service even after recruitment on the quality and services rendered.
      h. You are assured of confidentiality on the information provided for application of your housemaids.

      a. Employer shall provide the maid with reasonable accommodation, food and basic personal needs (lbody soap, shampoo, etc.)
      b. Employer shall not require the domestic helper to work or to engage in any activities other than that related to household duties.
      c. Employer shall follow the terms and conditions of foreign domestic helper employment contract duly signed with the Malaysian law/foreign embassy.
      d. Employer shall respect the differences of cultures and beliefs on regard to the sensitivity of religious of the domestic helper.
      e. Employer shall not abuse physically/mentally or ill treat foreign domestic helper.
      f. Employer shall pay the salary on time as date upon arrival in Malaysia.
      g. Employers shall not deduct the foreign domestic helper salary for any reason like UN intentionally broken or damage the things.
Employer shall inform the maid agency before sending the foreign domestic helper to point of origin.

      i.  Employer shall insure maid with the foreign worker compensation scheme in respect of any medical expenses the domestic helper may incur in the

         event of an injury arises/accident or fall sick during the employment period.