Agensi Pekerjaan Chand are customerís preferred choice for hiring quality housemaids and workers. We supply workers to match our customer's needs with continuous improvement in service after recruitment. We guarantee that our maids are absolutely legal, well-trained, medically fit to serve you. CHAND your preferred choice of agency for hiring domestic helpers and foreign workers. CHAND is an agency of choice for recruiting housemaids from Indonesia, Sri Lanka & Philippines. In Malaysia, maid is not a luxury, but a necessity. We maintain maid info on web and offline as employers can effectively search for their suitable maids by using our photo, video and biodata service. CHAND renders professional & continuos, after sales service, counselling services even after recruitment.


We are the customers' preferred choice for hiring quality foreign housemaids. We supply maids to match our customers' needs with continuous improvement in service even after recruitment. Feel free to browse section to get more information required on the maid and/or workers information as needed.



We are a licensed Agent Jabatan Tenaga Rakyat (JTR 1399) and the workers are screened before legally brought in for the required services to the employers generally from Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka also India (Upon Request) through governed by Malaysian Immigration process requirement.


This section covers the commonly asked questionnaire and Frequently Asked Questions listing from employers to refer on the services provided and information flow, registered bodies by our corporate also application process guidelines to ease the necessary required information.


We provide excellent and satisfying experiences throughout your needs. We are ready to serve you with the necessary pleasure and guidance. With our experience in the maid and workers hiring field we guarantee the better services will be provided at your requirements to fulfill the desire and legal at your service as required. Satisfaction is guaranteed.



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